How to Use Artbreeder for Storytelling

artbreeder ai art

Click the image above to watch! In it, I teach you how to use Artbreeder to create amazing portraits of characters for your stories that aren’t boring or bland.

You can also make full character costumes, landscapes, and buildings to inspire you or represent what you have in your imagination.

AI art is an awesome new tool for expressing our imaginations and inner reality and it is amazing because it lets people who don’t have the background in art or time/resources to learn have an opportunity to begin fully expressing their unique creativity.

I can’t wait to see what you do with it! If you create art after watching this video, drop a link to it in the comments or tag #thesovereigntii and/or @thesovereigntii on social media! I would love to see it! Let’s play in our imaginations together!

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