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How to Use Artbreeder for Storytelling

How to Use Artbreeder for Storytelling Click the image above to watch! In it, I teach you how to use Artbreeder to create amazing portraits of characters for your stories that aren’t boring or bland. You can also make full character costumes, landscapes, and buildings to inspire you or represent what you have in your …

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Community Plan

THE SOVEREIGNTII COMMUNITY PLAN Last updated 9/29/21 Each owner of an avatar NFTs in the Sovereigntii universe is known as a “Sovereign.” The plural of Sovereign is Sovereigntii (inspired by the Arabic plural). As a Sovereign, you are a valued, respected, and integral part of the development of the Sovereigntii universe. Each person who holds …

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The Collector of Broken Dreams (Story)

In the town shshshsh, a town hidden between places, lives the Collector of Broken Dreams. Her name is Elda, and each night, she trudges past homes, collecting the dreams heaped in broken pieces on doorsteps and under windowsills. She picks them up and places them carefully in her wooden handcart. No one has seen Elda’s …

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The most important feature in the Sovereigntii Universe is the characters. Other game-play tokens will be added with time, but the heart and soul of the universe are the people. So, we regularly drop NFTs of original characters in the Sovereigntii Universe, from collectible 1/1 in-story originals, to Open Mode characters whose stories YOU can …