The Sovereigntii



The most important feature in the Sovereigntii Universe is the characters. Other game-play tokens will be added with time, but the heart and soul of the universe are the people. So, we regularly drop NFTs of original characters in the Sovereigntii Universe, from collectible 1/1 in-story originals, to Open Mode characters whose stories YOU can tell. Every character is original and one-of-a-kind.

So, choose your player and dive into the interweaving of our co-created universe. Welcome, new fren.



The form of the word “sovereigntii” in this universe means “those who are sovereign,” just like “sylvii” means “those who are of the sylvan” (forest spirits who manifest as trees in our realm). The sovereigntii are all of the beings who are aware and/or waking up to their divine creative power. They are their own masters, and they know they create their reality. Some work for the Balance, some work for Tyranny, and some work for Chaos.


Prismwalkers are an exclusive order of beings from all times and dimensions who work to protect the innocent and maintain the balance of the universe. If the balance tips too far toward Chaos or toward Tyranny, then the resulting destabilization will result in a catastrophic domino effect that will annihilate all life.

And some beings want that.

The Prismwalkers pass down the ancient knowledge and skills and train to give their lives in service to the balance.


The Sylvii, as mentioned above, are the tree folk who live in the Sylvan. The first character minting included 3 Sylvii. You can check them out in the OpenSea Collection.


There are also fire elementals, mermaids, and many more to come

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