The Sovereigntii


Community Plan


Last updated 9/29/21

Each owner of an avatar NFTs in the Sovereigntii universe is known as a “Sovereign.” The plural of Sovereign is Sovereigntii (inspired by the Arabic plural).

As a Sovereign, you are a valued, respected, and integral part of the development of the Sovereigntii universe. Each person who holds a Sovereigntii NFT holds an asset of the business that is the Sovereigntii project, and as such, you are a stakeholder in the success of the project.

We understand that it is our job to increase the value of each NFT. As such, the Sovereigntii Team is committed to continually creating value in the universe, community, and in the value of each asset (NFT) in the Sovereigntii universe.

As a stakeholder, you are invited to participate in the creation of not only the in-world experience and creation of the map, game, and storyverse, but you are also invited to vote and share your voice on important decisions being made that impact the value of your assets.

After an initial surge of interest in the project from collectors who wanted to turn the project into a game, we explored that option deeply and are excited to do that in the future, probably starting as a MUD (multi-user dungeon) and evolving into exciting new ways that we can’t discuss yet. However, this phase of development is not within our means at the moment, and we don’t want to do a major cash infusion to fund it until our community is very solidly centered on creativity and connection, so we don’t get overwhelmed by collectors and speculators, because, though it would temporarily boost the sale price of the NFTs, it could do harm to the community in the long run that is very hard to overcome.

So for that reason, we are focusing on building slowly, starting with sharing the first book in the Sovereigntii genesis world, but I hope one day you will come and build your world into the multi-verse.

Come create with us! Let’s play in the realm of our collective imagination!

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