The Sovereigntii


About the Creator

Jessica Artemisia Mathieu

Jessica Artemisia Mathieu is a traditionally published fantasy author and digital marketing agency owner currently based in Morocco.

Always seeking better ways to solve the problems of being a full-time author, she used her digital marketing and NFT knowledge to develop a new business model for authors to grow their community and monetize their work. 

The Sovereigntii NFT-based sci-fi/fantasy publishing platform was an instant success and is on a strong and sustainable growth trajectory.

She holds a Master of Science degree in Global Affairs from New York University, where she studied the relationship between international political economy, transnational organized crime, and human trafficking, and she has lived in Thailand, China, Morocco, various American cities, and on a sustainable living skills school and intentional community in rural Oregon.

Being both neurodivergent and an endlessly curious soul has led her to witness a wide spectrum of the human experience, and she uses her knowledge and experience to find ways to make lives easier, more abundant, and joyful.