The *high-pitched scream* Who Live In Our Nightmares

The *high-pitched scream* are what we all fear. They are the splinters of madness, fear, and anger that roam the unseen realm searching for nightmares,

so they can feed.

You can find their nests throughout the realm of Sovereigntii, and in Kelsvetiig Forest, they can be found in teeming warrens deep in the Pits of Madness.

This is one of their nests, but they have many scattered around the seen and unseen realms.

When a psyche splinters in self-loathing, the rejected shard becomes a *high-pitched scream*.

It becomes warped and begins its insatiable need to feed, so it doesn’t wither into nothingness.

Like piranhas, leeches, or sharks, they roam reality in search of nightmares. Whether waking or asleep, when someone is resonating with fear, anger, spite, malice, or hatred, the *high-pitched scream* will swarm and magnify the ugliness of the nightmare in order to feed on it, until the host is destroyed, and the swarm will move on to the next.

The *high-pitched scream* are nightmares living in their own nightmare, but they can be freed when the one who rejected them accepts that part of theirself and heals the harm the splitting has caused, whether that is the harm they have done to themselves or to others.

Then the *high-pitched scream* becomes *the feeling of a gentle kiss* and the power that they once wielded for destruction becomes a power that magnifies the Light of the healed psyche.

You can become a *high-pitched scream* and tell their story in the realm of the Sovereigntii, or you can add them to your roster of characters as you create your storyverse.